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It's Time To Take the Guesswork Out of Your Health
The food we eat, life we live and habits we have all play a role in either supporting our health and energy levels or depleting our resources, leaving us feeling below par.

For the game changing potential of enhanced sleep, effective stress recovery, improved fitness and renewed energy, start your Lifestyle Assessment today.

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Using the Lifestyle Assessment tracker (LAT) gives you a unique insight into your health and well-being, helping you identify what's working and what’s draining your energy.

The LAT measures your sleep quality, fitness level, stress response and ability to recover from the challenges your day, so you get a personalised snapshot of how effectively you’re dealing with your daily life.

For the opportunity to get this insight into your health,  the LAT will be sent to your home address for you to wear over 3 days. Following your assessment, a consultation will be arranged either online or in person to discuss your data with you.

Small specific modifications to your lifestyle will be recommended for you to be able to optimise the way you feel.

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 Lifestyle Assessment includes:
  • A simple to use device to wear during your assessment
  • Free device delivery and return
  • An online diary you can fill in from your phone
  • Accurate data based on heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Information about your aerobic fitness, sleep quality and ability to recover from stress
  • A detailed, personalised report
  • A follow-up call to highlight key findings and answer your questions
  • The ability to identify causes of stress and avoid potential burnout
  • Lifestyle recommendations based on your results
  • Support setting mini goals to improve your health
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To see how you're progressing it is best to retake the assessment after 3-6 months.  That way you can see how the changes you’ve made have had an impact and if further recommendations are needed .

If you need some extra support achieving your goals after your Lifestyle Assessment, that can be arranged too.

If you need any help understanding anything please click on the button below to send a message.

Don’t leave your health to chance. Discover how to sleep, exercise and recover better so you can feel more energised.