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Prioritise Wellness
For a Healthy Culture
& Happy Workforce 
Test for Success 
To Know if Something is Working, it Needs to be Measured. 

Our Lifestyle Assessment (LAT) lets you see how well your staff are managing stress and recovery. Being able to balance the different demands of work/ life effectively correlates to increased productivity, improved focus and more drive, leading to better all-round mental and physical health.

The LAT gives you a 360 degree insight into your employee’s health. We can then motivate them to invest in their wellbeing with a little education and achievable mini goals.

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6 Simple Steps For Workforce Wellness
After the Group Assessment

Once we have completed a group assessment, the data is analysed to show you how the group scores as a whole and highlight specific areas for development. Participants also get brief recommendations on how they can improve their individual scores.

More Education Needed?

We also offer 20-40 minute (depending on time available) ‘lunch and learns’ on topics to help boost overall performance in the areas of development we have identified.

Lunch and Learn Topics Include:
Fight that Frazzled Feeling

Learn to identify your workplace stressors and deal with them effectively, enabling you to cruise through your day.

Ditch the Donuts

Ideas for healthy office snacks & lunches. Fuel your brain for peak performance. Balance your blood sugar to stay focused.

Move More, Move Right

Lots of simple strategies for sneaking more activity into your day, with minimal effort!

Have More

Learn what you can do to feel energised, driven and consistently at the top of your game at work.


Discover simple quick strategies to improve your daily recovery. 

Sleep Success

How to get that deep, quality sleep to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

All our sessions have a practical focus and are packed with ideas that can be easily implemented. 

If you have specific requirements for your company, we may be able to help by designing a bespoke package for you. Feel free to get in touch with any ideas and we can explore this further

At VA Health Warriors, we believe peak physical and mental health enables you to perform at your best. We’d love to help you build a resilient team and to support their development through our unique approach.
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