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Kali Harmen 
Master Health Coach

Kali’s spent over 10 years training, mentoring and coaching people worldwide on how to transform their health, well-being and mindset. Her unique blend of education consistently helps get clients results. Her qualifications include an Honours Degree in Nutritional Science and a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, and she is also a Certified Co-Active Life Coach, a Certified ‘Never Binge Again’ Coach, Personal Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP.

Kali has travelled extensively in search of answers to her own personal transformational journey and is well aware of the everyday struggles many people face when it comes to creating long lasting, positive change. Which is why Kali is passionate about how VA Health Warriors can help you to achieve your health goals and fulfil your true potential.

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A Health Warrior

Kali has lived and breathed nutrition, fitness and stress management in challenging situations to know what she teaches works! Kali loves to share what she's have learnt through her extensive education and experience to instil the belief that anything is possible with persistence, determination and guts.

Kali's stance is to push boundaries, develop and constantly grow as a Health Warrior in her own life.
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Just Give The Dog A Bone
The thinking behind what a health warrior is …

Understands all areas of health (fitness, diet & lifestyle) contribute to overall well-being.


Views health as a journey rather than something that can be fixed overnight.


Knows that prioritising health enhances all other areas of life such as relationships, career development & connection to self.


Is willing to experiment to see what works best for them.

The big problem with the fitness/diet industries

There are many issues in the fitness/nutrition industries such as unrealistic, quick fix programmes which aren't created for individual needs. There is no one size fits all approach. You are unique and have specific requirements, which need to be accounted for, including injuries, food preferences and lifestyle habits.

The trouble with searching online is wading through the colossal amount of information and knowing what's best for you, as everyone seems to have an opinion.

Even if you do find the right diet/exercise/lifestyle programme, when most people are left to their own devices they get information overload and don’t really manage to implement the plan. We make our approach step-by-step, science-based and easy to follow.

Kali has over a decade of teaching, experience and research which has taught her that successful change is highest with individualised planning, support and coaching.

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