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Hi, I'm Kali
Health Optimisation Coach
I help high achievers
go from fed up and tired to motivated and energised 

Using Nutritional Science, Results Coaching and Lifestyle Modifications.
Hi, I'm Kali
Health Optimisation Coach
I help high achievers go from tired and wired to energised and empowered
Using Nutritional Science, Results Coaching and Lifestyle Modifications.
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High Energy Levels Are Vital
However, fatigue is at epidemic proportions 

If you find yourself suffering from:

  • overeating, weight gain
  • tiredness, insomnia
  • poor productivity
  • low mood, anxiety
  • loss of ambition

to name just a few, you may be overloaded from stress (read more about the impact of stress here).

Many people don't realise they're stressed but their body is.

Today's life is stressful whether you're a worrier/have heavy workload or not. 

Unless you know how to be shield yourself against the modern environment your body can become seriously imbalanced, stripping you from that all important get up and go. 

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The Uniqueness Of My Service Is This

I support you on your journey via WhatsApp. Most practitioners send you off with a plan but are not there to monitor you which is why many online health  programmes fail.

Once I'd decided to work with clients in this way, I noticed people got results as when they got stuck I could guide them through. 

The VA in Health Warriors means Virtual Assistant.  By working with me you have your very own VA who has your back as you regain your health. 

Stress Affects Your Energy, Productivity and Health

I use a Lifestyle Assessment tracker to interpret the impact of stress and recovery on your body.

The data collected is used to identify the steps needed to transform your health.

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The Stress Response
Primary Stress Response

This is your normal ‘fight or flight’ reaction to real and serious threats. It turns off after the situation has been dealt with.

Secondary Stress Response

Low grade, chronic stress is where your stress response is on most of the time, even when you’re asleep and you barely get any downtime.

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My Big WHY

    To inspire, educate and support people to have vitality, resilience and inner calm amidst their busy lives.
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