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Are you experiencing symptoms of burn out?
As a professional woman taking care of your health is crucial otherwise your energy, sleep, productivity and joy suffers. 
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If You Think You're Burning Out
Are you experiencing symptoms of burn out?
As a professional woman taking care of your health is crucial otherwise your energy, sleep, productivity and joy suffers. But it's not always easy to know how - this is where I can help you.  

 Download my Mini Self Care Guide
 Know the signs and take steps to prevent burn out.
Hi, I'm Kali

If you’re a female business owner, high achiever or entrepreneur and you feel like your burning out, then you’re in the right place.

Your body is innately intelligent and letting you know somethings up.  It's great that you're here choosing to do something about it.

As trying to slog on or use stimulants to get you through your day will only make matters worse.  

It is possible to regain your energy, focus and joy.

And I want to show you how.

Certain self-care practices can unlock your full potential, revitalise you and get you living life on your terms.

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High Energy Levels Are Vital For Success
However, fatigue is at epidemic proportions 

Being in business can be tough, long workdays, deadlines, grabbing food on the run, not sleeping well at night, struggling with energy and needing constant pick-me-ups. 

All this can wear you down resulting in:

•    overeating, weight gain
•    tiredness, insomnia
•    poor productivity
•    low mood, anxiety
•    loss of ambition

to name just a few.

These warning signs, indicating you’re suffering from stress overload. 

Many women don't realise they're stressed but their body is

Many things result in stress load, not just the pressures from work. If you don’t sleep, eat poorly, have a build up of toxins, gut health issues, inflammation among other things then it adds to your total stress load and depletes you of energy.

Stress Affects Your Energy, Productivity and Health

To interpret the impact of stress and how well your body is recovering from your day I use the Lifestyle Assessment tracker.

The data collected is used to identify the steps needed to transform your energy, productivty and health.

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The Stress Response
Primary Stress Response

This is your normal ‘fight or flight’ reaction to real and serious threats. It turns off after the situation has been dealt with.

Secondary Stress Response

Low grade, chronic stress is where your stress response is on most of the time, even when you’re asleep and you barely get any downtime.

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  • When I came to Kali I was heavily overweight, had little energy and could not find a balance between a demanding job and my personal life. Since then I have lost a lot of weight, feel more energetic and my overall quality of life has increased greatly.

    Karin - Project Leader

  • 'I have been working with Kali for 9 weeks and have achieved amazing changes in both my mindset, diet and physique.'

  •  Kali is true life mentor, she works (relentlessly!) to support and guide you to be the best that you possibly can be and unlocks you from your fears to achieve what you didn’t even realise was possible to achieve.

    Catherine - Chemical Engineer

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Be your best 

To perform at your highest, fulfill your goals, stay lean and wake up refreshed how you take care of your body and mind is key!

Ready to master your energy?

Book in for a free 45 minute Quick Solutions Session - Get an insight into the root cause of whats really going on with your body and start optimising your health starting NOW. 

I can help you have:

  • Greater resilience from stress
  • More energy
  • A sharper focus
  • A fresh outlook on life
  • Increased productivity
  • Take control of your health
  • Learn how how to age more slowly
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